I have been known to dabble in what the kids call “video games”.

*Disclaimer* This is a dingus page for dinguses. None of these games are anywhere near professional quality. Proceed at your own risk.

Caster Disaster


Willy the servant- no, janitor- apprentice? Has accidentally turned his magical master into a worm! Now it’s up to you to help Willy solve magical puzzles and collect arcane ingredients to fix your mistakes and set things right in this magical point-n-click puzzle.

Game Design & 3d Modeling by EvilChris 
Programming by Curtonius  (@Curtisornot)
Character Art and Animation by Wesley’s Clavical (@chill_bones
)Item Art by Florisam (
Item Art by Byutaki (
Narrative by Nikki
Music by Luca Gentilforti (Luca’s Spotify)

Leave the Party

You’re at a party and you’re not having a good time.

It’s too loud, there are too many people in your space, and you don’t even want to think about whatever that pile of mush in the corner is supposed to be. Honestly, you feel so attacked right now. You seriously need to leave this party.

Runner up in Pirate Software’s Spring 2020 Game Jam.
Art by Seatoad
Writing by Nikki Macahon
Project Management by WilloftheWay (@WilloftheWay)
Special thanks to Brook and Alex



You are Robin Ackers, a neurotic mess who would sooner drop out of school and live the rest of your days in the wilderness than have to enter into an awkward conversation. Nevertheless, you find yourself in the precarious situation of wanting an education. It is now your burden of destiny to survive the semester and all the post-pubescent angst that comes from being on your own for the first time. Go to class, work at a cafe, adopt a ferret, and learn the true meaning of Christmas!

Demo now available on 
Music by yermuther (@yermuther)
Everything else by a very confused Nikki Macahon